21 December 2022

Judicial Branch in Turkey

Judicial Branch in Turkey


The system debate is arguably the most pressing and consequential subject of Turkish politics. Turkey has been having a governmental system discussion for a period of time, and the next few years will appear to be in intense debate and search.

Turkish parliamentary system experience (1876-2017) often dealt with interruptions. As a result, it has not only failed to produce general satisfaction in politics and society but also has been unsuccessful in yielding economic stability. Similarly, the outcome of the last five years of the Presidential Government System (or the Presidential System with its widespread use) could not generate stability.

The search and discussion of the governmental system appear to be the most critical topic of politics for the next few years. Regardless of the outcome of the June 2023 elections, the system debate will be the most crucial topic of politics in the short term.

Meeting this demand and preparing enhanced research on the governmental system will play an essential role in the quest for a possible change.

Comprehensive research should present a comparative, global, political, and constitutional base for the debates and assist decision makers in political parties and the public in finding an enriched discussion floor.

Within the framework of this program, Ankara Institute plan to publish ten academic analyzes that will contribute to the search for systems over the next year in order to meet this end.

The research plans to conduct two workshops with the participation of stakeholders that we predict will contribute to the system discussion and hold a detailed public opinion survey.

This study in which Volkan Aslan evaluates the judiciary branch constitutes the eighth report of the academic contribution series that made out of 10 reports.



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