14 November 2023

The US-Israel Alliance Against the Palestinians Will Set the Middle East on Fire

The US-Israel Alliance Against the Palestinians Will Set the Middle East on Fire


As the war enters its third week, the crisis, under the purview of the American-Israeli alliance, has the potential to escalate into a disaster for Gaza and an eruption of conflicts across the region.

Beginning on 7 October, “Israel at war” became the leading headline broadcast around the clock on global news channels. But for international audiences, the recent Israeli aggression transcends being merely breaking news; it has become a devastating glimpse into the daily lives of the Palestinians. 

While Palestinian suffering, death, and destruction was a story most outlets had long ignored or taken for granted, the novel and unexpected development that day was in the surprise attack against Israel, during which more than 1,400 Israelis were killed.

The attack by Palestinian armed factions in 1948 territories marked a notable shift in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly since 1973. Not only did it result in the loss of Israeli soldiers and civilians’ lives, it also shattered the illusion that a solution to the Palestinian question could be reached without Palestinians.

To employ the infamous “Rumsfeld matrix”, for Israel, the US, and countries in the region, the attack served as a poignant reminder of the “known knowns”: the existence of Palestinians.

It further underscored the “known unknowns” – making it evident that Israel’s apartheid regime will perpetuate a state of uninterrupted war; the “unknown knowns” – wherein, irrespective of the weakness of the occupied, the resistance will persist as long as the occupation endures; and, finally, it brought the “unknown unknowns” to the world’s attention – shedding light on the potential consequences of providing Israel with unconditional and unaccountable support in the context of Middle Eastern and global geopolitics.




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