27 November 2023

The West Will Pay a Heavy Price for Expending Its Credibility on Israel

The West Will Pay a Heavy Price for Expending Its Credibility on Israel


Israeli occupation is not limited to Palestine. The response from western elites to Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza shows how Tel Aviv is also occupying the mindsets of American and European leaders. 

Beyond setting up colonies on Palestinian lands, Israel has gone further, establishing political settlements in western capitals. 

These moves have met an unprecedented lack of opposition, with politicians from across the spectrum uniting in support of Israel after the 7 October Hamas attack. There is a stark contrast between their impassioned speeches on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and their detached, fanatical rhetoric on Israel. 

Within international institutions, we have seen the West veto resolutions on basic humanitarian aid, severely damaging any claims to moral authority. 

Such developments can be understood only through the lens of Israel’s enduring influence in the US and Europe. Tel Aviv’s influence on Middle Eastern governments is also clear, as they have mirrored its policies when confronted with the “threat” of democracy at home.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encapsulated the situation aptly when he said last month: “To the leaders of the Arab states, leaders who worry about the future of their countries and of the Middle East, I say one thing: You must come out against Hamas … I am convinced that many Arab leaders understand this.” Clearly, they do. 

For the past month, as millions of people around the globe have protested against the Gaza onslaught, the tragedy has evolved into a genocide. The ongoing protests serve as a stark revelation of the disconnect between western publics and their leaderships.




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