23 March 2022

What Transformation Is Turkey On The Eve Of?

Ankara Institute and Istanbul Policy Center initiated a new research and webinar series titled “Turkey at the Crossroads (Eşikteki Türkiye)” to understand the social, political, and economic dynamics of the transformation process that Turkey experiences closely and evaluate the interactions of social, political, and economic dynamics with national, regional, and global developments. The first webinar was held with the participation of Senem Aydın-Düzgit, Galip Dalay, Hatem Ete and Fuat Keyman on October 12.

About Ankara Institute


The Ankara Institute is located in Ankara, Turkey. Our teams include academics, former members of the parliament, senior advisers to the Turkish prime ministers and ministers, analysts from prominent think-tanks, NGO directors, and media professionals with many years of experience. We do have extensive experience of working and partnering with leading global think-tanks, NGOs, international organizations, and governmental institutions.