Is The Khashoggi Murder Being Forgotten?

It’s been more than 100 days since Jamal Khashoggi’s horrendous murder took place at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. A death squad committed the crime, and then reported “mission accomplished” to their bosses in Riyadh. Most were imprisoned to save the real culprits. From the outset, Turkey pushed hard to reveal those truly responsible, including by publicising […]


Turkey is Now a Permanent Proxy Sponsor

With a state-centric approach and risk-averse foreign policy for the most part of its republican period, Turkey has had limited knowledge, desire and capacity for effectively engaging the unconventional means and methods through which proxy contestations are carried out. Turkey is evidently a late-comer to the proxy conflict arena. Iran, for example, has provided the […]


Erdogan in Berlin: A chance to mend bridges after EU-Turkey rift

During the cold war era, Turkey lost several chances. Under a block-shaped international order and a smaller Europe, it would have been easier then for Turkey to integrate into the EU with its relatively small size. Instead, Turkey managed to enter NATO and the alliance worked well for all parties, from containing the Soviets to […]



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