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The team behind PANORAMATR have been conducting surveys/opinion polls in Turkey for more than 20 years. The monthly opinion polls that we conduct across Turkey not only measure the pulse of the public regarding current issues, but also allow us to follow political, economical, social and geopolitical trends and changes in perceptions.


Mainstream politics has been restructured almost completely, as Turkey has moved from a Parliamentary system to a Presidential one.

Politics has become more unpredictable, with many groups in society becoming more partisan in their beliefs, positioning themselves on any one issue according to where the party they support stands. As both global and domestic uncertainty rises, we witness a concomitant rise in ambiguity.

In such a climate, rational, in-depth analyses and projections developed by experienced professionals is more important than ever. To understand the Turkish political economy, government, political parties, social movements and more importantly the markets there needs to be an objective, prudent analysis coming from a credible and concise source.

PANORAMATR is the only report in the market that provides both the results of regularly conducted opinion polls and also risk/opportunity analyses in the areas of politics, economy, foreign policy, and security.

PANORAMATR combines two services that have to-date been provided separately, and offers them to you in a single report. Our monthly PANORAMATR report:

1. assesses data gathered from an opinion poll conducted monthly in Turkey in order to measure the perceptions of the Turkish populace regarding ongoing developments;

2. features risk analyses in the areas of politics, economy, foreign policy and security.

Through this report, we aim to contribute to your decision -making processes and investment plans. Our objective and in-depth analyses, comments and projections are supported by the data we collect on a monthly basis.


There is no shortage of opinion polls and studies answering the question “What is happening?”. At PANORAMATR we do not think the answer to this question is sufficient to make any comprehensive analysis. Instead we believe that two questions need to be answered: 1) What is happening? and 2) What is going to happen?

We will draw you a roadmap to help you manage risks more efficiently and devise better plans for the future, supported by the assessments and analyses of our experienced experts in the fields of politics, government, and the private sector.

Policy solutions for the private sector

The global political turbulence that we are passing through has a direct bearing on the private sector’s decision-making processes. The traditional ways of doing business and making investments that emerged in the second half of the 20th century are facing new challenges.

How the private sector will deal with the new challenges and manage the consequences of geopolitical crises is considered to be a major area of analysis. Turkey and its neighbors at the intersection of Eurasia have been a major hub in the global political turbulence since the turn of the 21st century. The crises that erupted in this region are rapidly transferred to the West via Europe and to the East via the Middle East.



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The Ankara Institute is located in Ankara, Turkey. Our teams include academics, former members of the parliament, senior advisers to the Turkish prime ministers and ministers, analysts from prominent think-tanks, NGO directors, and media professionals with many years of experience. We do have extensive experience of working and partnering with leading global think-tanks, NGOs, international organizations, and governmental institutions.