Turkish Foreign Policy and the Middle Eastern Order

INTRODUCTION Normalization and reset define the contemporary politics of the Middle East and Türkiye’s policy towards the region. The China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal,1 the resolution of the intra-Gulf crisis, and the thaw in Türkiye’s relations with the Arab Gulf states reflect this trend. This new period is driven by the unpredictability and unreliability of the United […]


The West Will Pay a Heavy Price for Expending Its Credibility on Israel

Israeli occupation is not limited to Palestine. The response from western elites to Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza shows how Tel Aviv is also occupying the mindsets of American and European leaders.  Beyond setting up colonies on Palestinian lands, Israel has gone further, establishing political settlements in western capitals.  These moves have met an unprecedented lack of opposition, with […]


West’s Israel Quagmire

How do we account for the steadfast and unwavering Western support for Israel, which has long transcended fanaticism? Be it labeled a conspiracy theory or a simplistic explanation, three theories have consistently surfaced over the years. Initially, there’s the notion that Israel serves as a form of redemption for the West following the Holocaust. Second, […]


The US-Israel Alliance Against the Palestinians Will Set the Middle East on Fire

As the war enters its third week, the crisis, under the purview of the American-Israeli alliance, has the potential to escalate into a disaster for Gaza and an eruption of conflicts across the region. Beginning on 7 October, “Israel at war” became the leading headline broadcast around the clock on global news channels. But for […]


Washington’s History of Surrealpolitik in the Middle East

US policy in the Middle East has a long history of repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. Although each new US administration ignites new hopes, we have seen the same results for decades. Washington’s foreign policy – frequently contextualised in the labyrinths of American hegemony, great power competition and the Cold War equation […]


Imposing a New Order on the Gulf

There is a great amount of confusion surrounding the chaos in the Gulf, a crisis that emerged unexpectedly owing to a provocation no one predicted. One of the main actors in the triangle of Gulf chaos is a king, another an emir, and the third a president. Even if we cannot piece together the puzzle […]


Turkey’s 15 July Coup Attempt: A Year Later

I witnessed the 9/11 attacks in New York. I cannot forget the terror wreaked by the collapse of the Twin Towers. I was an eyewitness to destruction and terrorism in Iraq, the suffering caused by the US invasion that followed 9/11. I will never forget the bombings and massacres in Gaza either. All of these […]



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