Washington’s History of Surrealpolitik in the Middle East

US policy in the Middle East has a long history of repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. Although each new US administration ignites new hopes, we have seen the same results for decades. Washington’s foreign policy – frequently contextualised in the labyrinths of American hegemony, great power competition and the Cold War equation […]


Imposing a New Order on the Gulf

There is a great amount of confusion surrounding the chaos in the Gulf, a crisis that emerged unexpectedly owing to a provocation no one predicted. One of the main actors in the triangle of Gulf chaos is a king, another an emir, and the third a president. Even if we cannot piece together the puzzle […]


Turkey’s 15 July Coup Attempt: A Year Later

I witnessed the 9/11 attacks in New York. I cannot forget the terror wreaked by the collapse of the Twin Towers. I was an eyewitness to destruction and terrorism in Iraq, the suffering caused by the US invasion that followed 9/11. I will never forget the bombings and massacres in Gaza either. All of these […]



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